Within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, R&D, Blood, Medical Device and regulated industries training is an absolute requirement. Each organisation must be able to demonstrate the competency of its staff to deliver their roles.

During regulatory inspections, training records and competency are easily inspected and very often a source of inspection findings for the MHRA and FDA.

Our training courses update you of current regulations, guidance and regulatory expectations.  They aim to improve your internal procedures, leverage change and to deliver more compliant operations. 

In addition, effective training can deliver significant business value, by increasing the effectiveness of your staff  for day to day operations and leveraging new techniques for new projects.

Training courses are provided in four formats, these being:

Live and Interactive Online Training

  • Training and the need to increase knowledge, skills and maintain training focus remains just as important during the COVID-19 pandemic where many of us have found ourselves working remotely and needing to adapt to the way we operate and do things day to day.

    In response, along with our training partner we have developed many of our already popular traditional classroom based training courses with 'live and interactive online training courses'.

    This has proved to be a great success allowing for interesting, thought-provoking and flexible opportunities to learn from experienced subject matter experts whilst at the same time enabling engagement with colleagues and/or fellow delegates.

Online Training

  • Accessed over the internet using desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Online training is flexible, simple and cost effective. 

In-House Course

  • Single company courses, held at your offices or a convenient location to you.  In-house courses are tailored to meet the specific needs for your organisation, allowing you to work through your examples and real issues in the privacy of your own team.

Open Forum Course

  • Held across various public locations such as hotels and business centres, standard courses with multiple company attendees, allowing for excellent networking opportunities, where you can share ideas and current practices.

Courses presented by leading experts

Tutors are carefully selected based not only on knowledge and experience but also their ability to communicate that knowledge in an inspiring, interesting, structured and educational way.

Our Training Courses

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Our Reputation

We have a very wide range of existing pharmaceutical customers, small and large, and benefit from a great deal of repeat business from existing clients. We also focus on who the audience is offering different styles of delivery and content depending on who we are training. This has resulted in superb levels of feedback from all organisational levels. 

Our Tutors

Our tutors are leading industry experts, many have worked in the IT/Computer Systems arena for many years, providing consultancy, auditing and training to the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industry across the UK, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.

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